Smarter Not Harder… SK8 Vibe Blues Among Brothers PRETTY tough Wade In The Water… Centennial ROCKS! Like A Boss! I’ll Be Damned… Surround youself with the BEST!
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Smarter Not Harder…

I’d been looking forward to the Business & Marketing workshop offered by, since day one.  I had heard high praises of this workshop via past interns.  While some reviews offered more excited than others.  It really boiled down to the entire intern experience.  Which seems to be it’s was what you make of it.  Also […]


SK8 Vibe

Sk8 ( pronounced skate, get it ska – eight ) Anyways LOL…..I can remember when I was about 11 or maybe 12 years old playing outside on my narrow yellow plastic skateboard. My cousins came over that afternoon, there was three of them. However it only took one too drive me away from skateboarding forever. […]


Blues Among Brothers

  I was presented with the opportunity to shoot as a replacement for a women I’ve come to respect, Ms Jina Wilson of  After a short notice she was requested to be a photographer at an event being held by Lambda Sigma Chapter and Zeta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.  However she […]


PRETTY tough

As they enter the room, they are regal, striking, elegant, and beautiful specimens that have been placed on earth for all to adore.  Although that’s a lot of that is fluff some of its rather true, however it’s not complete.  I had the pleasure to work with a young lady whose subtle features would surely […]


Wade In The Water…

-6am…”BEEP, BEEP, BEEP” Excitement alone with a bit of hesitation feels my mind, earlier Sunday morning as I scramble to find the location for our 2nd group intern photo shoot.  Shortly after I arrive to the hidden slice of the hooch (Chattahoochee River) where we would be shooting.  I get a call that my models […]


Centennial ROCKS!

Centennial Olympic Park is home turf for me, and has been since 1996.  By that i mean I’ve made memories in that little piece of Atlanta since the summer Olympics where held in this great city i call home now.  I can remember back in 1996, when my cousins who attended colleges both in and […]

NuSKY | Event Photography | Atlanta Event Photography | Portriats

Like A Boss!

This intern is about so much, and as stated upon sign up “it’s what you put into it, that will determine what you will get out of it“. So while I thirst for the photographic lessons I hope to come away with, during this short precious 3 month internship. There are other lessons I’ll be […]


I’ll Be Damned…

I’ll Be Damned; I misunderstood what the Human Right Campaign Gala was. I was under the impression that they fought for international human rights such as child labor, women’s rights, or famine in Africa. Well I was slightly off, in my understanding of just what they where campaigning for. However after a night quite honestly […]


Surround youself with the BEST!

As excitement flooded the room, with a hint of nervousness day 1 starts off.  Fresh out the box, we dive into a shoot.  Since the precedence of “Just Shoot It” has been established, I’ll do my damnedest to follow suite from here on out when pressing on with this internship.  Better yet the title “internship” […]